Friday, 1 March 2013

Generic Fantasy Skirmish: Nature Spell List

Credit: Azurenex
So, the last of the first batch of spell lists for my fantasy conversion of In The Emperor's Name - the Nature Spell List. There's a strong focus on battlefield control spells here, allowing the Caster to create cover, terrain, and to affect enemy movement. I have also included a little attack/utility spell in there, to allow for some degree of flexibility (something I aimed for in all the spell lists). I also picture the Wood Elves will find that extra "oomph" of use in close combat - I see them as having bonuses to Speed and SV, rather than FV.

Something I have been considering is allowing Warbands who take a particular Spell List to gain access to unusual units - so, the Arcane list grants Golems or Elementals, the Necromancy list allows one to take Skeletons and Zombies outside an Undead Warband, the Divine list minor angelic servants, and the Nature list certain types of animal. The idea of a lone Wood Elf Druid and her menagerie of wolves, bears, ravens and big cats is pretty cool to me... but we'll see. I might just be overcomplicating things for the sake of it.

SpellRangeDurationEffectHeroism To Save?
Swarm6" Radius1 TurnInsects swirl in a 6” radius of the Caster, granting them and anyone else in the radius soft cover.No
Entangle12"1 TurnAll enemies in a 6" radius of the designated target point move a if in heavy cover (-3")Yes
Aspect of  The BeastSelf2 TurnsThe Caster gains one of +1 FV, +1 Speed, or Flight for the duration of the spell.No
Hedgewall12"3 TurnsThe Caster creates a dense wall of vegetation 1" thick, 2" high, and 8" long. This wall blocks Line of Sight, and can be attacked (Armour 10) to create a hole large enough for one creature to look through (and make ranged attacks).No
Windcall12" RadiusInstantThe Caster creates sudden gusts of wind, which force enemies in range to make a Heroism roll or be pushed back by D6" in a random direction. Those who match their Heroism total are still Knocked Down.Yes

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