Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Generic Fantasy Skirmish Game - Now Available!

So, after many years of struggle (and forgetting about the project), I finally got around to finishing my conversion of In The Emperor's Name to a fantasy milieu.

I even gave it a proper name! CLASH. Sounds nice and skirmishy, without being too over-blown.

This game is designed to allow players to use any miniatures they have to hand, and to make sure games are relatively quick. At most, you'll need 3-15 miniatures, some random gubbins for terrain, a D6 per side, and maybe some scatter dice and templates.

The first draft is split into two sections - one with the main rules (like how to price up models, combat and spellcasting, and some sample scenarios), and the second one is given over to the Warband listings. Of course, if you find something that isn't covered, feel free to use the rules in the first part to make your own!

The next releases will probably be either specific scenarios, maybe some bonus rules for Campaigns, or just random extra Warbands that pop into my head.

The CORE RULES are here.

The WARBANDS are here.

As this is the first real draft, please feel free to leave comments, criticisms, hate mail and death threats. But please - go try the game, and let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've only recently come across ITEN, it's a shame they aren't updating it. Perhaps you could fill that void for them.

    1. Honestly - it's a pretty near-complete system as is. However, who knows what will happen...

  2. I could see this being used for Frostgrave scenarios/campaigns. For campaigns, if you could incorporate acquiring treasure, new gear, XP, spells/scrolls, wandering monsters, etc then you could appeal to Frostgrave and Mordheim fans. And for more retinues, try to include as many of the Warhammer unit types that you can, broadens the approachability for players.

    1. Oh absolutely! These are the preliminary rules. Next thing is trying to get Campaign Rules ready. And as for more unit types, I didn't want to step too much on GW's toes, but they're pretty easy to build using the rules presented.