Monday, 29 November 2010

Planescape - The Update

So, I now have my full complement of players for both my games.

Recruiting over the internet poses its own problems - it's a lot easier to tell someone in person that they're behavious is disruptive to the group, for example, without sounding aggressive. You also attract a less... predictable group of people. The guys I have seem to be great, and have provided a lot of interesting material to work with in the game.

In the corner, we have:

Bilal, a Fire Genasi (built as a Fire Elf) Duskblade, mixing spell and sword. Brought up in the City of Brass, son of a hooker and a Djinn. Known for his wit and desire to attempt to procreate with most things...

Tam'lin, an Erinyes devil (built using a customised version of the Tiefling, which was worked out between me and they player...) who has been cursed to have a heart (and, in the process, stopped being evil)...

And Tik-Tok, a Rogue Modron (creatures of Law) exiled from Mechenus, becoming a Wizard and studying life on the Planes.

Like I said, lots of cool things to work with, depending on what I saw as the main points in their background. Moral problems for Tam'lin, problems of heritage and the seedier side of life for Bilal, and perhaps metaphysical questions about the (demi-)human condition for Tik-Tok.

As for GiantitP, we have:

Sol'Kanar, Ice Genasi Wizard, descendant of Cryonax, one of the Princes of Elemental Evil, and his younger cousin, Ja'Kanar (the player homebrewed a cohort Feat, we'll see how it turns out).

Xybapi, who was just another basher, until he was kidnapped by a group of demons and transformed into an Incubus, somehow managing to keep his old personality and memories. Looks like David Tennant...

Jon, a Champion ("homebrew" class created by Rich Burlew) who calls upon his Celestial ancestry to kick all manner of ass.

And Alliana, a Lillend travelling the Planes to find the perfect song.

So, Alliana already has a built-in quest - find the perfect song. A lot of encounters with a variety of weird and unusual musicians and performers (as well as maybe some... unique sounds) across the Planes should keep her going, questions of faith for Jon, wheelings and dealings with Devils and Demons for Xybapi, and questions of the nitty-gritty of the streets for Sol.

The two games started similarly enough, but are starting to diverge at a rate of knots... we will see which group comes out of their first adventure the worst!


  1. Two games at once? You'r obviously desperate for your gaming fix. Keep us appraised as to how you get on. Session notes would be great.

  2. I ran three games in unison long ago. I'll never do it again. They start to blur and merge together, or I'd be in the mood to Host one but not the other.

    I'm curious how the online component works for you. I've not jumped into that.

  3. +1 to Brian's request for some notes along the way.

    I'm a huge fan of the Planescape setting, and your adventuring group is incredible!

  4. Thing is, it's done as a play-by post. There's not so much sessions as one continous story. This can be good and bad - your game flows at a much slower pace, but you maintain a sense of coherency.

    Also, Dustin, running two Planescape games means I can use elements from both in both groups - so long as I keep the spirit to run Planescape, both games will be fine. While some situations will suit one group or the other more, I find that I can use ideas that would be out of place in one game to fuel ideas for the other.

    And, if you've never tried it, try playing a game on the Play-By-Post forum - you'd be surprised how much fun it can be!

  5. But, I will keep notes from "blocks" of adventure coming!