Friday, 1 March 2013

Generic Fantasy Skirmish: I Need A New Name

So yeah - Generic Fantasy Skirmish isn't going to cut it. The system need a new name, and I'm stumped.

It's based on In The Emperor's Name, so I had thought about a play on that - but In The King's Name sounds a bit... meh.

In The Name of The King is the subtitle to that odious Uwe Boll Dungeon Siege movie.

For King and Country sounds a bit too regal and wargame-y.

Maybe something like Mordheim - a place, or object. But I wanted this to be pretty explicitly generic - to allow it to stand in for any setting you might wish to use.

Any suggestions? Should I use your suggestion, you will have the chance to win a prize, to be disclosed at a later date (when I think of one).


  1. Super King Smackdown.
    The Royal Rumpus.
    Fairy Fights.
    War is Eld.

  2. - Spells & Armor
    - Eldritch Wars

    1. Those two make a great title and subtitle...

      Spells and Armour: Eldritch Wars.

  3. Have At Thee!

    Die, Stygian Jackal!

    Zero-Sum Dispute Resolution: A Mytho-Historical Approach