Thursday, 7 March 2013

Woohoo! I Won Something!

So yeah, I entered the Grand Original Map Contest over at Tenkar's Tavern. I had entered the Mellified Men as a monster, but apparently the flavour behind The Hive (specifically, the reanimated remnants of slaves and workers which made up the Hive, grasping out to serve The Great Queen from beyond the grave) let me win the title of Best Environment!


Also wanted to put out a shout for the other winners (because shilling is what I do best) -

"The bladed arms of the bone blade can be fashioned into short swords. Because the blades were once part of a sapient creature, they may produce unpredictable effects if used as the basis for a magical weapons."

The above phrase is my favourite part of Viz's Bone Blade, winner of best creature, It's making my head go funny with the possibilities...

And Mark Chance's River's Bend Poet's Inn is getting dropped into my next hexcrawl, somewhere. I don't care how out of place it might be!

And John's Beneath The Windowless Tower will be gracing my group some time soon! Either with OSRIC or Microlite20...

So well done to everyone who took part, and thank you for so many awesome things to throw at my players! They won't know what hit them...

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