Sunday, 10 March 2013

Generic Fantasy Skirmish: More Planning and Playtesting

So, while I've been posting up some Warbands and such here, I really wanted to get a playtest on the go before I start getting it all out there.

I have plans to run a few playtest games with each Warband (first round - High Elves vs Kobolds, the two Warbands who stray furthest from the game's "norm", as a cannon-fodder heavy list, and an elite list with very easy access to magic), but I also have plans to release a playtest document on here and G+ soon.

The playtest should contain:
  • Human, Undead, Kobold, High Elf, and Orcs lists
  • Weapons and Armour Listings
  • Basic Rules (including any mentioned Special Abilities)
  • And a few "optional" rules, which I would like to test out before I go throwing them in.
More info next week (assuming my days off are as productive as possible...)

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