Thursday, 28 February 2013

Generic Fantasy Skirmish: Necromancy Spell List

"Death is only the beginning... I died three-hundred and seventy-three years ago. I've never felt better."
    -Rhas a' Khemeri, Tomb-Prince of The Sevenfold Khemerite Empires

So, my adaptation of In The Emperor's Name continues, and here's the next part - the Necromancy Spell List. This one focuses on debuffing enemies, and useful little utility spells as well.

This Spell List will most likely be in the hands of usually Evil Warbands, like the Undead and possibly the Dark Elves. However, one might imagine an Order of Necromancers not unlike those in the Diablo setting - neither Good nor Evil, more dedicated to keeping the balance than anything else.

That could make for a really cool Warband. I might even write that one up...
SpellRangeDurationEffectHeroism To Resist?
False LifeTouchInstantThe Caster grants one fallen ally a free Heroism roll to return to the game as a Zombie (see the Undead Retinue for stats). In Campaign games, the figure is automatically assumed to have failed its Survival roll.No
GhostwalkSelf1 TurnThe Caster moves 12”, unhindered by cover, enemies or even solid structures. He must begin and end this movement in an open space. This power is used instead of normal movement.No
Masque of DeathSelf1 TurnAll enemies consider the Caster to be Terrifying.No
Possession12"1 TurnThe target enemy is forced to make an immediate move towards and attack its nearest ally.No
VenomTouch1 TurnAnyone hit by the touched weapon suffers a -2 to their Grit rolls against that attack. No

Remember, these Spell Lists are a "first draft" - after some playtesting, some spells may be reworked, new ones added, whatever - I am simply posting these up to gauge interest in the game as I plan it.

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