Monday, 25 February 2013

Generic Fantasy Skirmish: Adventurers Preview: The Thief

So, to add some more fun to my conversion of In The Emperor's Name into the Generic Fantasy Skirmish Game, I wanted to add a classic element - Adventurers.

Aside from the usual scattered armies of Men and other races, there are those who follow a more "freelance" approach to warfare - those who don't fight for their countries and history, but for their own legends, and the riches of long-forgotten kings. These mercenaries and brigands, euphemistically titled "Adventurers", will work for any cause, so long as the pay is right. They could also be those amongst their races who have worked long and hard to acquire skills and training that sets them aside from the rank-and-file.

These guys are similar to Necromunda's Hired Guns - free-floating characters who can be recruited by many different Warbands to bolster their numbers, or shore up their weaknesses. As I am also planning a Space Hulk-style Dungeon Crawl variant for these rules, these guys will also be included as a Warband for that game. Each one is purchased via the Strange Ally rule (costing an extra 5 or 10 points, depending on their Grit/Heroism score).

A feature that I might add is that each Adventurer may work with certain Warbands without paying that Strange Ally rule - it would be weird for the Elven Ranger to have trouble working for a Wood Elf Warband, for example.

Our first preview is The Thief - your classic Rogue, capable of great feats of dexterity, hiding in shadows to leap out and plant a dagger in your kidneys, and possessing the type of street smarts that a General might not consider.

HeroismFVSVSpeedNotes and Special AbilitiesBase Cost
4++3+2+1Leader or Nose For Trouble, Infiltrate, Inhuman Climber, Defensive Master25 (30 with Nose For Trouble)

Armour Light Armour (6+ To Hit)
Amulet of Protection (7+ To Hit)
WeaponsThrowing Dagger (+1)
Short Sword (+2)
Shortbow (+1, 18")
Hand Crossbow (+1, 12")
Flintlock Pistol (+1, Heroism Penalty -1, 18", Backfire)

New Weapon Special Qualities
Backfire - black powder weapons are not the most... reliable. On an Attack Roll, any natural 1 makes the weapon inoperable, and the wielder is required to make a Heroism roll or be Knocked Down. Once the weapon has been rendered inoperable, it can be used as an Improvised Weapon (for Flintlock Pistols) or a Club (for Rifles).

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