Sunday, 24 February 2013

Generic Fantasy Skirmish: Kobolds

"Can't be that bad, can they? They're just Kobo-"
     -famous last words of Kellen The Overoptimistic

Yep, it's everyone's favourite trappy little dog-lizard sadists, now in skirmish form!

For those of you who don't know - I am converting In The Emperor's Name into a more generic fantasy skirmish game (imaginatively titled Generic Fantasy Skirmish for the moment).

I wanted these guys to be cheap - Kobolds normally operate in hordes, using numbers rather than skill. And, in skirmish games, it can really make a difference - drowning the more elite armies with the weight of your dead (after all, when it's a d6 you're rolling, failure is common enough)...

So, some of these guys have some of the new rules/abilities I've been working up. Some are taken straight from the Core Rules and other Retinue Lists (the Small ability is pretty much what Gretchin get, and the Infiltrate ability is just a more freely-available version of the Alpha Legion Special Ability), but some are completely new - they'll feature more in later posts.

Sneak5++2+0+2Small, Infiltrate
Wyrmshaman4++1+1+2Leader, Small, can buy spells @ 10pts from the Arcane spell list
Wyrmguard4++2+1+2Leader, Small, Defensive Master

TypeNotesRestricted To
NoneClothing [5+ To Hit]
LightLeather Armour [6+ To Hit]
MediumHide, Chain,  [7+ To Hit]Wyrmguard

Amulet of Protection [7+]Wyrmshaman

TypeNotesCombat Bonus
ImprovisedTree Branch, Chair Leg-1
LightDagger, Club, Sling+0

Pick, Shortbow, Hand Crossbow, Throwing Dagger, +1
MediumShort Sword, Mace, Staff, Spear, Sword [Wyrmguard only]+1

Crossbow, Javelin [Wyrmguard only]+2

New Special Abilities [5pts Each]
Infiltrate - some characters are particularly good at hiding - these characters always deploy last (in case of multiple opposing models with this ability, use an Initiative roll - winner deploys last), and can deploy up to 12“ from the table edge, so long as they are not in Line of Sight with any enemy models.
Small - Small characters are unable to use Heavy Weapons or Armour, but can move through Difficult terrain without penalty. This ability costs no points, but the model representing the character must be small.

I'm still working on these, including rejigging costs and some abilities for weapons (like re-making the Ranged section so Melee can be a little more dominant), so these are a work in progress!

As a bonus note, miniatures!

This pair would make a perfect Wyrmshaman and Wyrmguard...

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