Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Generic Fantasy Skirmish: The Divine Spell List

"Yeah? Well, my God has a hammer!"
     -Nick Fury

So, where the Arcane Spell List had a bent towards damage, the Divine Spell List is more about support - the classic archetype of the Cleric who is more healer than warrior. In addition to that, they can buff their allies, and grant extra options in combat. Most Clerics will supplement these spells with the ability to wear heavy armour, as well as decent close combat ability.

SpellRangeDurationEffectHeroism To Resist?
BlessTouch3 TurnsEither add +1 to Armour or FV. This can be either the Caster, or one ally in base contact.No
HealTouchInstant The Caster may grant one out-of-action figure a free Heroism roll to come back into the game. They cannot take any actions until the following turn.No
Divine Guidance12“InstantThe Caster can shoot at an enemy figure, even if they are concealed by cover or if line of sight is blocked. Cover gives them no protection.No
Show The PathSelf1 TurnThe Caster creates a clear 6" path through an area of soft or hard cover directly adjacent to himself. He or others can move along the path in single file, until it fades.No
Touch of HeroismTouch3 TurnsThe figure touched gains a Grit attribute of 2+ for the duration of the power. Note this cannot be used to increase a Caster's spellcasting ability.No

Remember, these rules are as-yet unplaytested (though the core ItEN rules are pretty well balanced), so I am not 100% sure the effect some of these new spells and warbands will have on the game. Hopefully, I should get a few playtests up and running over the next few weeks - if anyone is interested, comment here or shoot me an e-mail!

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