Monday, 10 September 2012

Planar Undead: The Flame-Wreathed

Another little Planescape goody: a series of Planar Undead creatures, starting with the Flame-Wreathed.

Originating from the pockets of Negative Energy that hover near the border of Fire and Ash, the Flame-Wreathed are horrid, flame-covered corpses, shedding ash as they walk, animated by some horrendous primal force of destruction.

Roughly as intelligent as a zombie, these Undead creatures find themselves drawn onto the Prime Material Plane by Necromancers looking for truly terrifying Undead to cause destruction. On the Planes, the constant supply of Negative Enegry and Elemental Fire preserve their bodies, leaving them somewhat immortal, and highly resistant to the effects of time. On the Prime Material, however, their forms start to burn out (slowly), with those specimens summoned for extended periods of time slowly becoming skeletons, blackened bones visible through the pure flames.

Some believe this is the fate that befalls Ash and Fire Genasi when they are subjected to large amounts of Negative Energy, though no proof has so far been found.

Frequency: Rare 
No. Appearing: 1d2
Size: Medium (or as base creature)
Armour Class: 4
Hit Dice: 2+2
Movement: 50’
Attacks: 2 (1d8)

Morale: -
Intelligence: Low
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Flame-Wreathed share the same immunities as most Undead creatures, as well as being immune to the effects of fire and fire-based spells, taking no damage. They do, however, take double damage from cold-based spells, and quadruple damage from Holy Water.

When attacked by a Flame-Wreathed, make a Save vs. Spells or be set on fire.

Burn The Soul: as beings of Death and Elemental Fire, their flames will still cause half-damage to those who are immune or resistant to fire. Their touch also burns victims through to the soul, causing them to lose an Experience level when struck unless they make a Save vs. Death Magic.

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