Saturday, 15 September 2012

An Awesome Free Resource (That I Forgot About Until Now)

Wizards of The Coast has kept its D&D 3.5 Archive online, HERE. My personal favourite set of resources are the Art Galleries from the various books, showing a good sample of the artists who worked on the line.

There are also a huge selection of PC Portraits for your perusal, most of which make great NPCs, Hirelings, and inspiration as well.

Here's my favourites!


Clearly, this one comes from the "Let's Trace A Fashion Magazine" School.

This chick exudes a sense of confidence and kick-ass-ness that you just can't beat in a lady adventurer.

Eberron's Changelings were an interesting addition to a cool setting. The artwork simply made them all the more interesting to me.

This guy could be a villain, a hero, or just another town guard - the helm could go either way. Even better - he's a masked vigilante! The Helm could go either way...
This guy would make a great Warrior Chief, or maybe a pit-fighter or Gladiator.
 This Half-Dragon could be a great NPC for a more "varied" campaigns, like a Planescape game - he has a look of the merchant about him, to me.
Another Changeling - a Wizard this time. There's something about his expression of disdain and boredom that makes me love this picture so much.


  1. I had all but forgotten about these too. There's actually a lot of them, and they do a pretty good job of covering just about every eventuality. I think I'm going to spend some time compiling these into a handy zip file for easy reference. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Looks like this is going to save me a lot of time spent on Google image search. Cheers.