Thursday, 13 September 2012

Microlite20: Specialist Advances: The Undead Hunter

Sometimes, you want your character to be more specialised than the lite constraints of Microlite20 can afford. If that's the case, and your DM allows you to use the Advances I've posted up when making your character, you can also take a third set of Advances to choose from - your Specialist Advances (to lift a term from FFG).

The first one I'll throw out would be for Clerics who specialise in hunting the Undead, whether they follow a God who despises them (like 4e's Raven Queen, a Death God to whom Undead are heresy), or follow a God who opposes another Deity who creates Undead, or some other justification. These Clerics gain a few unusual abilities to help serve their cause.

The Undead Hunter
Cleric Specialist Advance
Unholy Presence - you gain Detect Undead as an at-will ability, with no HP cost.
Know Thy Enemy - you gain a +3 bonus to your Knowledge skill when remembering facts about the Undead (including weaknesses, origins, etc).
Radiant Soul - you gain extra Turning attempts equal to your Charisma Bonus (so you may now Turn Undead 2+Level+MIND bonus+CHA bonus times per day).
Aim For The Head - you gain the ability to make Critical Hits on Undead (on a roll of natural 20, as per usual). If you have also acquired the ability to make Sneak Attacks or Death Attacks, you may also use those on Undead, despite their immunity.
Specialist Weapon Training - you gain a +1 bonus to-hit with any two of crossbows, bludgeoning weapons, whips, and stakes.

And, only suitable for some campaigns...

Vampire Killer - you may channel any touch spells through a weapon, so long as it has been blessed, and is of Masterwork quality or better. Striking with the weapon will cause the usual damage and effects as well as those caused by the spell. (Some Hunters use whips for these attacks...)

New Weapon

Damage: 1d4
Type: Piercing
Cost: 5gp/Free
Notes: while prepared stakes cost 5gp, players may make a MIND+Knowledge roll to create a suitable piece of wood immediately, or may spend half an hour carving one from wood.

Stakes made from special wood, or blessed by holy men, cost up to 100gp each, and vary from +1 (for a very well-made stake) to +3 (obviously magical).

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