Monday, 3 September 2012

M20: Advances

In Microlite20, characters follow a very tight schedule of advances by class. Even high-level characters can start to look very similar, with the same abilities and methods as others of the same class (or even other classes). As I use M20 for low-level games, I don't see much of this problem - but, for those wishing to use it as an alternative to 3.5 for an entire campaign, it can be somewhat grating.

So, to remedy this, players can choose one of these advances at 1st, 3rd, and every odd-numbered level after that - in other words, these are heavily simplified feats. They simply have to be the right class or race to take them (unless specified - some may have pre-requisites).

These are for the "standard" M20 races and classes, at the moment - I might add a few more for the more unusual ones as I go.


Sharp-Eyed - your natural low-light vision becomes darkvision.
Elven Accuracy - you gain +1 to-hit with pulled weapons (long and short bows).
Ancient Knowledge - you gain a +2 bonus to your Knowledge skill when remembering ancient history (with GM approval).
Magical Knowledge - you gain a +2 bonus to your Knowledge skill when investigating or identifying magical effects.
Naturally Magical - you gain Detect Magic or Read Magic as an at-will ability, for no HP cost.

Stout and Hardy - you gain a +2 bonus to your Physical skill when resisting poisons and illness.
Smith at Heart - you gain +1 to-hit with all hammers.
Stability - you gain a +2 bonus to resisting being moved, tripped, or rushed.
Stubborn - you gain a +2 bonus to any saving throws to resist mind-affecting spells, illusions, fear effects, or enchantments.
Masters of the Forge - you gain a +2 bonus to your Knowledge skill when recalling information about weapons (general, magical, and specific, legendary ones).

Adaptable - you gain +1 to a skill of your choosing.
Lucky - you gain a free re-roll to any roll, once per session.
Cosmopolitan - you gain a +2 bonus to your Knowledge skill when recalling the traditions and cultures of other races.
Versatility - you may take an Advance from another Class or Race list (at the GM's discretion).

Beneath Suspicion - you gain a +2 bonus to your Subterfuge skill when picking pockets.
Fearless - you gain a +2 bonus to any attempts to resist fear effects.
Slippery - you gain a +2 bonus to your Physical skill to escape bonds and grapples.
Sure-Footed - you gain a +2 bonus to any checks to keep your balance.
Low Blow - you gain a +1 bonus to attack opponents larger than yourself.


Shield Bash - you may attack with a shield without it counting as an improvised weapon.
Cleave - when you kill an opponent with a melee attack, you may make another melee attack against an adjacent creature, without penalty.
Weapon Focus - you gain a +1 to-hit with a particular class of weapon of your choosing (bows, hammers, swords, daggers, etc.) GMs are the final arbitrator of what exotic or unusual weapons count under which class, when some of those might be best under their own class, and indeed how broad the classes are.
Two-Weapon Fighting - the penalty for wielding two weapons (and attacking with both) is reduced to -1.
Power Attack - you can trade up to 5 points of your MAB in exchange for bonus damage.

Liar - you gain a +2 bonus to the Subterfuge skill when used to lie.
Ninja - you gain a +2 bonus to the Subterfuge skill when remaining undetected (moving silently or hiding).
Trapsmith - you gain a +2 bonus to the Subterfuge skill when setting, disarming, or locating traps.
Stabby Stabby - you gain a +1 bonus to-hit with daggers and short-swords.
Thief-Acrobat - you gain a +2 bonus to the Physical skill when used for acrobatic manoeuvre.

Battle Mage - you gain the ability to wear light armour, and may cast spells with no chance of failure while wearing it.
Specialised Training - you gain a +1 bonus to spell DCs, and duration of one school of magic.
Arcane Defence - you gain a +1 bonus to resist spells from one school of magic.
Elemental Alignment - you gain a +1 bonus to spell DCs, damage, and duration of spells linked to a certain element (Fire, Earth, Air or Water).
Co-operative Spell - you and another spellcaster may share the hit-point cost of any spells you cast (only one of you need this Advance). These spells are cast as as normal otherwise.

Favoured Soul - you gain one free re-roll to any action that furthers the course of your God, once per session.
Zealous Weapon Training - you gain +1 to-hit with your Deity's favoured weapon.
Meditative Healing - any healing spells you cast receive a bonus to the number of hit points healed equal to their MIND (or CHA) bonus.
Monastic Study - you gain a +2 bonus to your Knowledge skill when recounting facts that fall under your Deity's domain.
Improved Turning - you gain a +2 bonus to Turn Undead DCs.

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