Thursday, 23 February 2012


The appeal of the Clockwork Nirvana is easy to see, to some - a place of true order, a stunning vista of cogs, each containing a set of the unusual denizens of the Plane. Those who dedicate their lives to upholding the Law (whether lawmen, Guvnors, or scientists/wizards/sciencewizards) find the rhythmic grinding of the Cogs to be the most peaceful noise in the Multiverse. Many migrate to Mechanus before they shuffle of the mortal coil (and onto an immortal Cog), settling themselves on one of the outer cogs. The essence of the Plane can affect them, and their descendants, leading to the Mechanus-Touched.

Mechanus-Touched are strange beings. While many (to start) simply look like "perfect" version of their parent species (no blemishes, perfectly symmetrical features), there are a few things that set them apart. Firstly, their skin has an odd, metallic sheen to it - rendering it anything from pure porcelain white to deep, dark burnished copper (there are even a few rare Mechanus-Touched goblins, whose skin resembles verdigris). Few have any hair - those who do tend to keep it short and practical, though those with long hair have been noted to look like they were growing wiring or coiled springs from their heads and faces. They have angular features and a "solemn" caste to their features.

However, their natural appearance is nothing compared to the steps many take upon reaching adulthood. In order to feel a greater connection to their "home" Plane, many begin replacing parts of themselves with machinery, animated through magic. These are crafted to perfectly fit with their individual colouration and shape, meaning that they might even go unnoticed aside from close scrutiny. However, for every hand that could pass as natural, there are those with great Modron-like legs, or sections of their torso replaced with open clockwork. While such sights are somewhat accepted on the Planes, it is advisable to disguise such variances when on the Prime Material Plane - Primes can be a little jumpy over those who are so heavily modified.

While physically, they may end up divergent, in personality, they are incredibly similar - so similar, in fact, that many theorise they may have some link to the Modron "collective consciousness" or "Hive Mind" (or perhaps have formed one for themselves). They are polite to a fault, Lawful to a tee, and very hesitant to act rashly. Some have been known to spend days planning for a small decision, pouring over figures and models, devouring as much information as they can before finally managing to make their mind up. Most end up in positions of accountancy, where their skills and natural talent with numbers can be put to good use.

Several Mechanus-Touched hold down lives in Sigil - mostly as Guvnors or lawyers. One in particular who is well known is Alus Alpha-Six, a Mechanus-Touched Gnome who controls the day-to-day comings and goings of the City Court or The Courthouse, the Fraternity of Order's headquarters in Sigil. Alus Alpha-Six (he politely requests you use his full designation) acts as a mix of secretary and PDA for the current Factol (and has served in this role to a few factols over the past two-hundred and ninety-two years, five months and twelve days). He is small, with skin the colour of very well-kept copper, with perfectly Gnomish features. His left hand had been replaced with a mechanical contraption that can act as either a hand or (with a flick of the wrist) a quill (pre-inked), a dagger, or a wand (he'll pick one or two useful spells each morning to prepare).

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