Tuesday, 14 February 2012


A slightly less common form of Planetouched, Beastlands-Touched are usually wild animals - bigger, stronger, more intelligent, more... real than others of their kind. However, some humanoid creatures wish to feel more in touch with Nature, and decide to move out to the Beastlands. Mainly, it's Humans, Elves, Gnomes, and Orcs, but really, any creature may become Beastlands-Touched.

These Beastlands-Touched are animalistic, atavistic, and can vary right through from kind-hearted souls to savage hunters. Oddly, while the Plane itself is considered Good, many of its inhabitants come closer to Neutral, but then again, it's somewhat less strict than other Planes, and leans towards the Chaotic side more than anything else.

Physically, some are simply more than human - they adorn themselves with the spirits and shades of a totem animal, taking their features. So, the Leopard Totems are fast, cunning creatures, while Bear Totems are strong, tough and fearless. Some take this farther, taking physical aspects of their Totem - from animalistic features (we've all seen that dude who looks like an eagle, etc.) right through to the odd man/animal hybrids (though these are exceedingly rare, requiring sacrificing a large chunk of humanity to join so thoroughly with their Totem). Most will take at least a behaviour of their totem animal (so, Wolf Totems will be cunning and territorial, Snake Totems will be inclined towards stealth, and striking at just the right moment, etc).

Mentally, many are concerned with the upholding of Nature's order, and feel only a slight compulsion towards aspects of "Good" and "Evil". They don't have a "standard" mindset like many other Planetouched - there are simply too many animals to follow, and too many viewpoints to see the world.

Some Beastlands-Touched end up in service to the Animal Lords of their Totem, held aloft as powerful warriors and champions of their species. Some are sent on missions of great import to other Planes by their Lords, while others are possessed of a natural wanderlust, finding their way across the Planes in search of adventure. Regardless, despite their rarity, they can turn up just about anywhere.

In Sigil, one of the most well-known Beastlands-Touched is Shaasi Lightfoot, a Cat-Totem dancer (and part-time burglar) who works out of several of the local taverns, singing and dancing for coin (and then taking a few valuables in the dead of night). Lesser known outside of "urban legend" is Ithaliel, an Elf who was taken in by Ananzi, the Spider Lord, and has slowly but surely taken on aspects of his Totem. He managed to escape, disgusted by what he had become (on his Prime, Elves had maintained a thousand-year all-out war with the Spider-worshipping Drow). Now, this half-spider creature lurks in the darkest corners of the Hive Ward, scraping out survival in the hopes that he can find a way to reverse his condition.

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