Thursday, 9 February 2012

Planetouched: Limbo-Touched

So, previously, I looked at some of the Lesser Planetouched (like Tieflings and Aasimar), but one of the ideas that kinda stuck with me was those who were more touched by the essence of a Plane (similarly to Genasi) than having interbred with its inhabitants.

Take Limbo - a place of pure madness, creation, and weirdo giant frog-things.

Purple Bicycle Nfllarg!

The Limbo-Touched are an odd lot. You might mistake them for random Barmies or Xaositects, from a distance - but up close, you can see some of the tell-tale signs. They are somewhat mutable in apperance - their features shift and reform ever so slightly when they react. Many have some unusual characteristic, like one eye larger than the other, unnatural skin or hair colours, or a generally misshapen apperance. Often, these will change without any real warning - though some Limbo-Touched are apparently capable of doing so using raw willpower. Even this subconscious shapeshifting leaves them tough - more often than not, wounds just don't phase the Limbo-Touched, or at least they're to batshit crazy to notice them.

Most come from Human stock, though as with all Planetouched, there is some variation - mainly Halflings, Gnomes, and Elves, although nearly any race may be affected by their stay in Limbo.

In terms of personality, they're a mixed bunch. Of course, it doesn't help that this applies to individuals as well - while one minute, they're kissing your mother, next minute they'll punch your baby. You can never truly predict what a Limbo-Touched will do next, and often, they will do everyhting within their power to ensure that their next movement is totally unexpected (learn to be fucking terrified of Limbo-Touched Sorcerers).

In Sigil, many join the ranks of the Xaositects, where their nature makes them very popular. A few join the Indeps, or just don't join a Faction at all. Most cannot hold down jobs or any form of secure arrangements - so a fair few become adventurers, brigands and thieves.

Mutable Alignment
If you use with the classic 9-point Alignment Chart, Limbo-Touched are Always Chaotic Neutral. However, each morning (or hour, or whenever the hell you please), roll on this chart:

Limbo-Touched Alignment
1 - Lawful Good
2 - Neutral Good
3 - Chaotic Good
4 - Lawful Neutral
5 - True Neutral
6 - Chaotic Neutral
7 - Lawful Evil
8 - Neutral Evil
9 - Chaotic Evil
0 - Reroll

This will be how the Limbo-Touched feels like acting. Note, this does not mean their alignment changes - just that that's what they want to do at that particular point. Remember these are closer to guidlines - they will do their best to stick to them, but could just as easily get bored and try something new.

I was gonna put up some more "crunch" for this, but in the end, I realised - I'll be using these for Risus - and if I want any other system, I can convert them as needed. Plus, I think it would really cramp their style, hooking them into any system. They're generic enough that you can re-make them for any system you might wish!

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