Monday, 27 February 2012

Another Night on the Isle of The Earthshaker

So, I finally got the chance to get back into Danerous Brian's Isle of The Earthshaker Campaign.

God damn, but I love it.

I'm currently playing Peliakos, a city guard in his late teens, who was picked for the fine duty of escoting several nobles and clerics during a routine sail to Zama. Turns out, things did not go to plan...

Check it out HERE and remember to follow the good man!

I love the "Expeditionary" aspect of the campaign - every session should end at a "home base", so people who cannot make it are able to sit a game out (good, because there's about 15 players at the moment...). It's very Old School in its approach - food and water are chief concerns, along with envoironmental factors (the setting's based on Ancient Greece, so bronze armour is the order of the day. Now try wearing that on a hot day...). It's gritty, it's grim (we've somehow only had three fatalities) and it's awesome. I'm also a fan of the setting (Edarnia), and like exploring its mythology and places. It's also one of the few game sI've been in where exploration was one of the key joys - finding nre places, and seeing the effects of the player's actions on the environment.

It's pretty cool, and as I've said before - I can learn a lot from Brian.

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