Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Adepts of Mechanus - a Planescape Sect

On the Planes, many people find their personal philosophies align with those of a particular group or Plane. Or perhaps, that the Planes align with them. Such chicken-and-egg pedantry is practically Sigil's national past time, after all.

The Cult of the Machine are no different - their desire for pure unfettered Law links them strongly to the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus, the Plane of Law and home to the Modrons.

They are generally thought to be an offshoot of the Guvnors, another Lawful Faction within Sigil. Where the Guvnors attempt to codify the Multiverse, however, the Adepts attempt to codify themselves - masters of anatomy and biology, as well as clockworking and machinery, they believe that to know is to control - and they are voracious in their devouring of sacred knowledges. Many worship Primus, The First Modron, as their patron Power. Primus seems nonplussed by this behaviour, at best.

Their true philosophy is one of transcendence - past flesh and into pure Law. There are many paths to this, according to their teachings - from replacing their flesh with machinery, to gaining knowledge of the inner workings of the body, to understand how it works in the hope of improving it. They hope to reach a state of purity within their own lifetime, but many will settle with passing on their knowledge to others with similar beliefs.

They are identifiable through their code of dress and appearance - many wear bright red robes, and bear stylised cogs and gears as part of their get-up. They are also fond of adapting their bodies using bizarre alchemical methods - while some treat themselves with unguents and potions to improve their bodies and minds, some use clockwork and machinery to improve their "base flesh". These transhumans (and demi-humans) are still a rare sight outside of Mechanus itself, but some will enter Sigil to spread the good word, and to buy reagents and materials for superior constructions.

There are rumours, however, that not all of their members are as kindly as you might expect - even that they have been hunting Rogue Modrons, so as to harvest their parts, ritually consecrate them back to Law, and use them to upgrade themselves.

Their current leader is Dar Anis (F/Planar/Zenthyri/MU8), a woman who has replaced both her arms and one of her legs with strange, clockwork prosthetics. She has been pushing for the Sect to set up a large presence in Sigil, but the current level of membership is a little too small to think about branching too far from Mechanus.

Should you ever want to improve yourself, or replace a missing limb, hunt down these Machine Cultists - you won't regret it! Unless you're a Rogue Modron, in which case - skip out!

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