Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Retaking of Hallowfort: An Adventure for 1st Level PCs (A Primer)

So, a little primer on what I'm currently writing:

The Retaking of Hallowfort is an OSR adventure for 1st-level PCs. The action revolves around the ancient, abandoned Dwarfhall of Hallowfort - once a proud defensive structure, leading to a Dwarven settlement and mine, now a broken shell of its former self - the Dwarves have long gone, forced out by tribes of humanoid raiders, and repurposed as a hovel for monstrous humanoids of all types.

However, they're not the only ones interested in reclaiming it - a settlement of Humans and Elves in a neighbouring city wants a stake in it, for the natural resources it might contain; the Dwarves want to reclaim it as their heritage, and for the religious artifacts contained within; and a group of Kobolds scout it out for reasons unknown, but many suspect the involvement of a Dragon.

The adventure can be dropped into any existing campaign setting (and edited to suit, with tips to help it fit somewhat better), and while the stats will be OSR-compatible, I'll maybe include a note on using Microlite20 (what I'm playtesting it with now).

While the bulk of the adventure revolves around the dungeon of Hallowfort, the adventure will contain information on the surrounding area and influential NPCs from all 4 sides of the story.

As you might be able to read, I had wanted diplomacy to be a strong option in every aspect of the adventure - so, each NPC will have a list of dispositions, accepted bribes, and other such information for those players who don't want to be risking life and limb for the entire adventure (and, with the numbers that will be present on all four sides, and all-out battle would most certainly end badly).

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