Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dwarves of Delraith: Planning

I wanted to give Dwarves, one of the most static fantasy races, a new spin for the Delraith setting. They'll keep some of the traditional flavour, but I wanted to pull a few tweaks here and there. I've got a few rough ideas:

  • Dwarves are rare - their civilisation has been in decline for centuries, and the last remaining groups rarely leave their great Fortresses (Stonehalls, in the Dwarven tongue). Many refuse to believe they exist, even though there are some encounters with them.
  • Dwarves are magical - none of this old-school "Gimli never cast a spell, so Dwarves hate magic" bullshit - mythological Dwarves weaved magic and engineering, and Delraith's Dwarves do the same.
  • Dwarves are varied - no two Stonehalls are alike - not any more. After many generations of privacy and exclusion, the cultures within have diverged and changed from "baseline" Dwarven culture - so much so that such a concept is now a thing of the past.
  • Dwarves are powerful - the few remaining Dwarven clans have mastered their mixing of technology and magic to heights only imaginable to other races. Your average Dwarf is armed with bewildering contraptions that could kill a lesser humanoid in seconds, and they wield the terrifying sorceries of the Gods themselves.
  • Dwarves are unusual - in that they are one of the few races directly created by a God. Most other life was seeded on the world by Gods, sure, but Dwarves have had a guiding hand from The Earth Spirit - possibly a Dragon, possibly something else.
More to come...

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