Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cyberpunk 2020 - Why Do I Want To Run This?

The system's a clusterfuck of strange rules, heavy mathematics and "justified" brokeness ("Solos", the settings Fighter equivalent, always go first in combat. It's their special rule. And, as a rule, have the hugest weapons. Hello, Rocket Tag...)

But I love the bizzaro future-failures. Full-body cyborg prosthetics are available, but there's no wireless internet? Mobile phones cost $3000, and can't even text! And, apparently, Great Britain is the only country which still makes print newspapers. On average, they cost £3. But, for the princely sum of £6, you can have it faxed to you.

Read that again - faxed.

Oh, wow.

I'm eyeing up the setting, and trying to find a good system to run it... lethal, tactical, and fun - it might be Unknown Armies time.

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  1. When I was preparing my Savage Worlds cyberpunk game, I was thinking of running it as a retro game, cp2020 conversion. But finally I decided it was a bit too much - all the 80's -style hair, technology and everything...

    But it was interesting to read the rules book again, I think the game was mechanically quite advanced, except for the autofire rules that could have used some streamlining.