Friday, 4 January 2013

New Years Resolution 1: Play 10 Games I've Never Played

It seems pretty simple, at this juncture - expand my horizons by 10 games over the course of the year.

Well, as the wonderful girlfriend has started running a Call of Cthulhu game, I can cross that one off my list. Technically, it's done with Risus though, so I'm not too sure.

I've put together a quick list of games that I thought might suit this situation: any other suggestions, feel free to comment!
  • Shadowrun - yes, I still haven't got around to this one. That will change, though - I found an old sourcebook (Shadowbeat) which focuses on the media and entertainment aspects of The Sixth World - and I found it pretty interesting. I think I'll combine the ideas presented within with an older idea of mine - Roadies, a one-shot I concocted for Risus. The players take the role of the roadies for PowerBastard - an up-and-coming young band, full of spirit, angst, "meaningful creative output", hard liquor and mescaline. Can they save the band from crazy stalkers, rescue them from the cops, put their competitors out of business, and get them on stage on time?
  • Agon - I'll admit to having next to no information on this one, but my girlfriend has had the book for ages, and still hasn't had the chance to play. So I figured - why the hell not? Adds one to my list.
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2e - yeah, this one is kinda cheating, but I've heard a lot of people give a lot of love to this system, and I never got the chance to play it. Which is a real shame - after finding a bundle of .pdfs of the older books, there seems to be so much cool stuff in there - fair enough, the Complete books have a few borked moments (Hi, Bladesinger, I'm looking at you), fairly arbitrary elements (like demi-human level limits, class restrictions, and some of the stuff to do with stats), but the variety of kits, cool items, and awesome setting materials more than make up for it. It also seems to be the most house-ruled game in existence (barring the original AD&D), meaning I can pretty much do as I please with it. This might be the game I try and run via G+ Hangouts.
  • Savage Worlds - never did get to use the system. I'll maybe write up some stuff for a setting, or just use one of the many Savage X Hacks floating around on the net (I distinctly remember a pretty awesome Firefly/Serenity one from a while back...)
  • GURPS - Gods help me.

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