Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

I should have posted this yesterday, but I spent a good part of the day recovering from a truly Dire (and possibly Fiendish) hangover.

So, I've managed to achieve a fair bit this year - lots of gametime (though not enough), a few new resources found, and some great times had along the way.

But this year, I want things to be a bit different.

  1. Like so many gamers, I have a set of "old favourites" - games which I keep going back to, where all my energies end up focused (for me, it's D&D, and the WH40k RPGs). So, I want to try something different - a lot of things different, I guess. So my first Resolution - Play/Run 10 Games I've Never Tried Before. I'll make a post with some suggestions later.
  2. I have a small bundle of WH40k Orks sitting, half-painted, staring forlornly out my window - waiting for the next big WAAAAGH that they fear they will never see. So, for Number 2 - Fill Out My Ork Army To 500 points, and Finish Painting Them!
  3. The first hurdle to overcome to get Number 2 done - Learn To Paint Miniatures.
  4. We started. We built terrain. We even converted up some Guardsmen to proxy in, but Throne dammit we never managed to Play Necromunda.
  5. Due to the fantastic Mr Dangerous Brian moving to the dreaded "Down South", I won't get as much time playing instead of DMing as I would have. So, I'm going to Try Google+ Hangouts For Gaming, inviting Mr Brian as soon as I get half a chance.
  6. I can't think of a 6th one. Maybe I'll Finish Those Bloody Tau Careers For Rogue Trader, or perhaps Get To Work On Those Fucking PaperMunda Figures That I Doodled About 6 Months Ago.

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  1. Colour me (Dangerous Brian in his work persona) interested.