Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Planning a Delve: Dungeon Generation

So, as either a useful introduction for newcomers to the RPG scene, or a fun exercise for the more experienced, I'm going to run through the creation of a dungeon, from start to finish, with commentary about each step and the pitfalls that I personally face.

While making dungeons for a campaign is a deep, involved process, I didn't want to add more trouble (and limit the usefulness) of the dungeon by tying it to a particular game, so I plan on making it a stand-alone dungeon, perhaps for a sandbox-style game I might run at some point. I'll include some tips on campaigns and such as I go, no doubt.

The first part should be up tonight or tomorrow, focusing on the first thing you have to decide on when making a dungeon: theme. Whether it's a Wizard's Tower, a pit of unfathomable abominations from beyond time and space, or a natural cave system overrun with bandits, the theme of the dungeon needs to be established early on!

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