Friday, 30 November 2012

Microlite20: Skyrim's Nords

So, I have a friend who's never played D&D before coming home from a placement out in Canada, and I've managed to convince her to play a game when she gets here.

When chatting about character concepts, she said she wanted to play her Skyrim character - a brutal Nord warrior-woman.

Well, the Fighter (or one of the Barbarian homebrews) will fit perfectly for the Class, and I'll maybe work up a nice Advance scheme for her, but the Race is a little different from your baseline Human.

So, here's my first draft:

+1 STR, Resist Cold 5

Nord Advances
Battle Cry - you can Cause Fear as a Mage of your level once per day, with no HP cost
Warrior Culture - you gain +1 to-hit and damage with greatswords, battleaxes, and clubs.
Legendary Endurance - your Resist Cold increases to Resist 7
Hardy - you gain a +1 Natural Armour bonus
Rough Demeanour - you gain a +2 bonus to any rolls to Intimidate.

Looks good so far, but I might tweak it later. I'm also considering converting a few more Races from Skyrim to M20, and there's a sick little part of me that wants to work up a Dovahkin Class...

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  1. Are your Microlite20 mod rules open gaming content? I am compiling a epub version of all the available M20 resources, and I'd love to include some of the work you have done.