Monday, 12 November 2012

200th Post!

Well, I meant to get this up over the weekend, but due to an awesome time of noisy neighbours, unexpected guests, helping with moving, crippling migranes and the cat taking a massive adventure (hiding in the noisy neighbour's flat for 24 hours), I was a little busy.

So, another milestone achieved. I think I've got quite a bit of useful stuff up here, and I'm hoing to continue that for the next 200 posts.

The Dungeon Generation posts are coming along swimmingly, assuming I can find the time to get them finished up and posted.

The Unnamed Generic Fantasy Skirmish Game is still in the planning stages - I'm reading through both In The Emperor's Name and Mordheim for inspiration. I'm currently draftin rules for the following warbands/factions:
  • Dwarves - slow, tough, maybe with a bit of steam-punk machinery and rune magic
  • Elves - quick, weak, powerful magic-users and stealth options
  • Humans - the perfect average, but needs an extra "incentive"
  • Orcs - tough, brutal, but shoddy equipment and not much magic
  • Goblins - stealth and numbers are key!
  • Hobgoblins - militaristic, coordinated, maybe an "elite" faction (i.e. models are better but more expensive, so fewer total models than average)
  • Lizardmen - a mix of stealth and hard-hitting
And maybe a few more, as they come to me.

And, once again, thanks to everyone for following me for so long!


  1. I've always liked the idea that Orcs have just as much magic and tech as the other races, but their innate 'orcyness' means it all looks shoddy and falls apart quickly. Looking forward to more on this one.

  2. Congratulations Coakley, you old salty dog you!