Tuesday, 19 October 2010

One-on-One RPGing - The Plan

So, I'm looking to introduce my lovely lady to the hobby, and I plan on using a short Microlite20 dungeoncrawl to introduce her to her rules, and I suppose the basics of roleplaying. Retroclones seem a bit too... grognard-y for me - too open and freeform, whereas current D&D is a clusterfuck of maths and builds that she shouldn't have to wade through. So, I'm splitting the difference - new-school basic rules, retro-freedom and simplicity.

So, I'm running an expedition to a ruined Wizard's Tower, long held to be haunted by the locals. Only one group of... eccentric individuals, lead by a great and mighty (level 1) Wizard, dare to enter this forsken place, for plunder, excitment, and muder!
More to come once I finish the adventure outline (it's due this weekend!)

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