Monday, 25 October 2010

One-Shots Galore

So I fancy a bit of DMing practice before I try and run a proper game, so I'm going to run a few one-shots and such to get back into the swing of things.

Things I'm planning:

Roadies - a game where the players take the role of various members of a super-massive band's road crew (groupies, managers, roadies etc.) trying to get a show to actually run. Using Risus for fast, fun and non-combat oriented play.

Cyberpunk - Another Day, Another Job - using some kind of stripped-down system (Shadowrun and Cyberpunk don't scream one-shot to me) to run some kind of criminal activity gone wrong - well planned to start with, but watch as chaos slowly creeps in... the plan is to use the basics of Unknown Armies system (chargen and the roll-under-skill percentile system) and add some elements of Cyberpunk 2020 (they said I was mad... MAD!). If I can find it, and convince the group, maybe Fiasco! would be perfect... although, the 1KM1KT Free Cyberpunk RPG competition has just been announced, and some of those games look a blast to run - FUBAR looks to be quite similar in style to Fiasco!, but with a different take on the whole thing...

Monster Hunt - like Hunter: The Vigil, with bigger balls. MiniSix all the way!

... and I dunno what else, as of yet. Time will tell...

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