Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Preparing The Underhive...

So - I'm planning on playing a friendly game of Necromunda this weekend. I'm currently in the process of creating some terrain, or at least prepping it for quick-building once I get to my location.

I have a lot of sketches done for large-ish structures, to act as the main terrain pieces, and I plan on making some simple barricades/shipping containers to help supplement it. To prevent the "shooty" gangs from holding too much power (my opponent is thinking of taking Van Saar), I'm trying to make a balance between cluttered, LoS-blocking pieces for the ground level, and exposed "sniper perches" and other high-level areas for those who can claim them first.

I'm also going to make up a few Objective markers, using scrap, sprue and bitz - either placed on a miniature bases or done on similar-sized cardboard.

As I am skint, and this is a friendly one-off, we're not sinking too much money into it. Hell, we're not sinking any money into it - our scenery will be cardboard and household items, and our miniatures will be plastic Army Men. It will be great.

I'll provide some photos (and maybe a battle report) over the weekend.


  1. Don't tell GW about this, they'll send round the boys. And a Citadel catalog.

  2. I'll have The Inquisition up me like rats up a drainpipe...

    "Dear Throne, it's not even WYSIWYG. Burn it ALL."