Monday, 8 October 2012

Microlite20: Bard Specialist Advances

Keeping a roll on... here's The Houri, the first Bard Specialist Advance, inspired by a post my good friend Dangerous Brian made, updating the class from an old White Dwarf issue for OSRIC.

The Houri is an entertainer, first and foremost, and a concubine second. She uses her charm and natural grace to enthrall any onlookers, and finds that many are taken by her looks as well. Many have been trained by high-society madames, moulded into the very image of what the rich and powerful want to see in a woman.

Note that, in this case, men can qualify for the Houri Advance - simply change its name to "Courtesan", or something suitably exotic.

Bard Specialist Advance
Enchantress - you gain a +2 bonus to your Communication skill when used for seduction.
Presence - you gain Charm Person as a spell-like ability, cast as a Signatue Spell.
Flexible - you gain a +2 bonus to any Skill check which requires flexibilty (say, dancing, escaping bonds, or particularly exotic bedroom moves).
Exotic - you gain +1 to-hit and damage with whips, chains, daggers (stilletos and the like), and bows.
High Class - you gain a +2 to any rolls involving nobility (whether charming them, or remembering facts about specific Royal lines and history, etc).

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