Thursday, 9 August 2012

Still Tech-Probleming... An Update

++Excerpt from the memoirs of Explorator-Magos "Harry" Plan++

The cogitator seems to be somewhat... off. I have consulted its Machine Spirit, and it reports that it is feeling fine, but its recent erratic behaviour is troubling. There is almost something of malice in its actions... of course, such personification of an un-sentient Machine Spirit is tantamount to tech-heresy, a crime which I must assure you I have no experience of.


At all.

My current options are to go through the rituals of the Standard Operation Procedure again, to perform the renowned "Hard Reset", or to cleanse the cogitator by way of the Omnissiah's Purifying Magnets and the Flames of Supreme-Magos Norton. All hard work, but rewarding in their own ways.

Such is the life of a humble servant of the Omnissiah.

Ave Machina.

++Thought For The Day: The difference between heresy and treachery is ignorance++

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