Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Getting a New Group Together

So, I've been itching to try running something new, and have cast my net into a freind's gaming circle to find some fresh blood to play with.

Currently, my "pitches" are:

Edge of the Knife: Shadowrun 4e/Anniversary Edition
As a group of mercenary "Shadowrunners" in cyberpunk-lite Seattle, you're out to find fame, fortune, and power. But there are others who want it all, just as bad, if not worse. Starting as a street level gang, the right choices could propel you to heights unimagined - but the wrong ones could leave you dead. High-action, espionage, tactics and betrayal await!

The Sacred Art of Stealing: Unknown Armies
As a loosely-affiliated group of Adepts/Avatars/normal people drawn in too deep, cutting out a name for yourselves is a challenge/consequence/bad thing. But you've just heard about the possibility of a fairly powerful artifact floating its way through the Occult Underground... what will you be willing to do to have it? Is it even the Real Deal? Is it worth the sacrifice?

Baaneloth Calls: OSRIC/Microlite20
So, you all meet in a tavern...
Classic Megadungeon-style play, with puzzles of the most fiendish sort, diplomacising the dungeon denziens, totally uncalled-for monster-bashing and high weirdness abounds!

Something Something Dark Side: WoD
... I'm honestly unsure what to run here, but I've never run any of the old World of Darkness games, and apparently a lot of the group do like them. So, maybe a classic "Furry Eco-Terrorist" game of Werewolf, a game of Hunter: The Vigil, or maybe even Orpheus (astral projectors/ghosts doing undercover missions for rich people, while fending off other spirits).

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  1. nWoD werewolf doesn't have much of an eco-terrorist theme. Yes, the Hunters in Darkness tribe are all about protecting 'sacred places' but that could be their kid's school. Their more animists who have to defend our realm and the spirit realm from incursions, defeating terrible monsters in secret, and trying to control high emotions and anger issues. There are eco-terrorist werewolves, but they aren't as common as Nature and its side of the hisil isn't necessarily more pure, just slower moving. Of course, you may have meant oWoD, in which case eco-terrorists away!