Monday, 3 October 2011

Hunter: The Vigil

So - I'm gonna run a wee couple of sessions of Hunter soon, based in Glasgow. I'm gonna pipe up a few ideas here:

  • Derelict buildings - Glasgow's chock full of them, whether it's tenements, warehouses, or half-finished motorway flyovers. These would make some pretty decent hideouts/lairs for gribblies, maybe even a good base of operations for our band of intrepid hunters.
  • Google Earth - my biggest ally when using real-life places in games, it can be used for street maps, for finding creepy places I never knew existed, or even as an in-universe tool - a good Hunter is a prepared Hunter. Must keep it in mind.
  • Set Pieces - as it's only going to be a couple of sessions while we decide on a system to run a large fantasy campaign, I want a few big pre-planned action sequences to make the game stand out. While I have always wanted to run a creepy, investigative Hunter game, it would work better as a long campaign, finally building up to a huge battle for survival. However, when running a short game, I find it best to let people jump straight into the action - so I need a couple of awesome fights to plan around.
  • Hacks - the nWoD "Hacks" are an awesome idea. While the game is mainly based on investigation and horror, Hacks are extra rules which can take things either down to a gritty, realistic level of fear and suffering, or the other way and out to full-on cinematic awesomeness. I'll take the second option, please!
  • Theme - I like short games to have a coherent theme - it stops it being three "Monster of the Week" sessions, with no over-arcing plot or feeling. I kinda want to go for Humanity, FUCK YEAH! as the theme, and show how the sheer testicular fortitude of people can overcome anything the Supernatural can throw at it.
  • Human Evil - despite the name and focus, Hunter isn't just about monster-slaying. Hunters work for the betterment of their community - and sometimes, that means the monsters aren't supernatural. Gangs, violent criminals, serial killers - the detritus of society can make for an interesting change of pace (especially as a "surprise" villain, where everything points to supernatural influence, but instead turns out to be the work of an altogether human perpetrator).
So, enough to be getting on with!

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