Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Unknown Armies: Help The Sheep-Shagger

Inspired by this video (NSFW, kinda).

"I swear to God, dude, she was a chick before!"

A close personal friend has been caught in a... compromising situation with a sheep. He protests that he remembers finding a beautiful young woman in a field, being seduced by her beauty and charm, and making love to her out under the stars.

Security footage from the farm shows a very different story...

In the UA-niverse, lycanthropy is... weird. There are people who turn into animals, yes - but it's not a curse or a natural mutation. It's caused by demons - free-floating, evil spirits who like to possess the living to interact with the world once more.

Should a demon, through choice, accident, or the design of some weirdo Adept possess an animal, it has to lose a few things to "fit" inside its mind. Things like higher mental functions. Should it then possess a human, you have a person who, most of the time, is a person - but, when the possessing demon comes to the fore, they become an animal, like the shape-shifters of myth and legend.

Now, reality doesn't like these lycanthropes - so much so, it selectively re-writes itself to cover their existence. So, when the possessed is a human, they are and always have been a human - and no-ones gonna debate that, that would be stupid. When they're an animal, same deal - they are and always have been an animal. Until they change back, then it's time for another reality-overwrite.

This can lead to such moments as seeing a seagull fly over head, then, a few hours later, wonder why the fuck some guy was flying naked over you when you went to the shops. Until he's a seagull again, by which point you may rest easy and forget all about it.

Your friend has been caught out by one of these lycanthropes - a woman, desperate for some real human affection, who sadly only your friend remembers as a woman (hey, reality can't catch all the problems).

Keep an eye on the tape - if you time it just right, you can watch it and see her as a woman... but do you really want to have to watch a tape of a dude shagging a sheep a couple of times a day to try and prove his story? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be playing Unknown Armies...
Can you get to the bottom of the mystery, and get your friend off from his beastiality charges?

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  1. Nicely UA. The danger would be of the video going viral I imagine which could draw in the Sleepers.