Friday, 23 September 2011

Saanar's Miscellany - Expanded

As you walk through the ancient, faded door, the first thing that hits you is the smoke.

 Thick, choking clouds float through out from the shop, above which a distressed sign reads;

Saanar's Miscellany
Curiosities and Oddities
of The Great Wheel

The mixed scents of cinnamon, camphor and mint are... pleasing, even through the smoke. Not acrid or hot, just scented. As your eyes begin to adjust to the slight stinging sensation, you see a darkened figure sitting on a cushion, shisha pipe between his lips. His skin is dark, almost pearlescent, and his clothes speak of the finer things in life.

Though his features are too dark to see it you can hear the smile in his voice.

"Heh, welcome, stranger."

Saanar's Miscellany is one of the many shops sprung up on the Merchant Quarter of Sigil. What makes it different is its owner - Saanar himself. A Smoke Genasi, Saanar is happiest when surrounded by people and the bustle of the city - so where better to come to see people of all stripes, and to feel naught but bustle all day and night?

Originally, he decided to see the Planes, possessed with the usual Genasi wanderlust. Now, he's decided to settle down and begin selling off the wonderful things he's located and sourced on his travels. Even if you're not trading, Saanar's naturally chatty disposition makes him a great contact, full of interesting tid-bits about the Planes, and will happily share some information for a story in return.

The store itself is halfway between a market stall and an opium den - throws and cushions decorate the floor, there's always incense burning or a hookah waiting to be fired up, and most of the "stock" is casually displayed on racks and tables. From ornate ceremonial weapons, to charms and amulets, to odd sculptures and weird reagents, Saanar has a wide variety of goods for perusal. Mostly, it's stuff he finds interesting - and will offer over the odds for unique and interesting items to sell or admire. If you can find something to his tastes, you might even sell it for his private collection...

A few of the items available for perusal;

Nowhere near as impressive as it sounds, the dagger Godslayer was forged by an Athar for use in a failed political assassination against one of Moradrin's proxies. Pure Abyssal steel, its dark, greasy surface never seems to catch the light at all. When used against anyone wielding the power of the Divine, it can cut off their connection to their Power for a few seconds at a time - useful when fighting Clerics! Problem was, even without the power of the Dwarf God, the proxy was still a Dwarven warriorsmith of great renown, and promptly headbutted the poor Athar to death.

A set of armour, allegedly the stripped and tanned skin of a Troll, that seems to grow over any wounds made in it - self-repairing, if you will. Makes you pretty tough, and is very useful on long-hauls without an armourer nearby. However, if a blow should pierce the armour and break the skin of the wearer, it will grow into the wound, permanently bonding itself to the poor sod inside. You don't want to know how they got it off the last cutter to wear it...

A perfectly cylindrical rod, with a handle and pommel much like a sword. While most people would see it used as a perfectly functional bludgeon, give it to a Modron and see what it really is - a blade, forged on Mechanus by the Moigno - sentient equations and formulae, who exist to help keep the Big Cog turning. One of the Moigno represented a formula for pure sharpness - and bonded that formula into this bar. When wielded by a Modron (or any succificently Lawful cutter), this pole can cut through adamantine like it was butter. Very useful, but quite specific. Now, if you can convince one of those Cans to fight for you, well...

A Slaad Feather. While most of the Slaad take reptilian and frog-like forms, their sheer chaotic nature means they can sport some... odd variences. This Feather was allegedly taken from a Death Slaad - it's pure black, in such a way that it seems to suck in light around it. Could be used in any number of Chaotic, Death or Darkness-related spells. Saanar likes this one, so it'd take a lot for him to part with it.

Numerous "lucky charms" - like cogs from a Modron, blessed body parts allegedly from famous Paladins, etc. Each of these can provide a small boost to an action that it relates to - so, those cogs would be good when fighting Chaotic creatures, or sorting something into order, or working out a puzzle, while the Paladin Bits are good when dealing with Undead, blessing something/someone, or dealing with a specific enemy the Paladin had in life. Mechanically, it's a one-use Lucky Shot/Questing Dice - when the charm would seem appropriate, you can use it up for a single extra die. Both the player and the GM need to agree the item is appropriate, or one simply has to shout louder than the other.

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