Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Abyssal Genasi - 4e

So, another Planetouched post this time focusing on the Abyssal Genasi, versions of the other Elemental Souls corrupted by the touch of The Abyss.

Now, a little bit of background - 4e doesn't have set Elemental Planes. What it does have is The Elemental Chaos - a place where all elements are free to create, destroy, and generally do their own thing. While there are large swathes dedicated to one particular element (like the Fire-dominated City of Brass), it is for the most part unrestrained mixing of all the classical elements and their combinations.

This is where the Demons were spawned - creatures of pure Chaos. At some point, they were sealed away deep in the Elemental Chaos - the Abyss forming their prison.

Now their influence can be felt even outside their prison - sometimes on the Material Plane, and sometimes within the Elemental Chaos itself. Like the corruptions they might visit upon the Genasi, rendering them as mockeries of the elements they once were.

Cindersoul are the corruption of Fire - and seem to be a straight lift of Ash Genasi from older editions. They are resistant to Fire damage, and can suck the energy out of an attack (reducing damage rolled when they are hit).

Causticsoul are Acid - the corruption of Water, harming where water gives life. They can breathe in water, and can turn into a wave of acid, attacking up to 2 enemies with a move action. Pretty cool. I can see it being useful for a Rogue.

Plaguesoul are the corruption of Earth - a weak link, if you ask me. They seem to be closest to Dust Genasi from older editions, but with none of their cool fluff. Shame. They also have a Poison attack, which would be good if it wasn't the second most resisted form of damage in the game (poor, poor Fire...)

Voidsoul are the edgy, militant nihilists of the bunch - corrupted Air, leaving nothing where there was once life. They only technically exist (and their Racial Power allows them to stop existing for a moment - a pretty cool way to avoid retribution form the monster you just stabbed, and especially useful for Strikers!).

No stormsoul corruption. I guess Storm/Lightning is already a pretty chaotic, destructive kinda concept...

There is also mentions of a Gravesoul manifestation, but methinks that might be a typo for Cindersoul.

All in all, not as exciting as the older ones. Less fluff, some pretty good abilities, but just no oomph like the Para- and Quasi- Elemental Genasi had.

Next, an unusual group: Athasian Genasi, from the new Dark Sun setting! This one I'm looking forward to...

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