Monday, 9 January 2012

Orks: Finally Taking the Plunge...

So, after many months mmmmming and ahhhhing, I finally broke and bought a box of Ork Boyz, and have already managed to assemble most of them.

I picked up the standard 10-Boyz-and-a-Nob box straight from Games Workshop, and one of the boxes of four "clip together" Boyz from Static Games (my Friendly Local Gaming Shop).

The standard box is pretty awesome - the sculpts are very cool and characterful, even though they are basic infantry. There's a ton of extra bits and bobs to help make your Boyz unique, and with some clever tinkering, you can make many of the "elite" units from this sprue - though it might take some conversion work.

The "clip together" models are very basic - the only options are for Slugga boys (basic gun-and-knife infantry), and are mostly assembled already. While the product claims they can just be popped together, no glue needed, they're pretty delicate - even with glue, I've found that the arms are prone to moving, no doubt a product of the "pins" used to hold them in place. The bitz are adapted wholesale from the Ork Boy sprue - nothing unique or interesting to them. A few spare bitz, however, will go a long way to customising them past their current "dull" look...

All in all, if you want some Boyz, and fast, it's not a terrible product. It can help bulk out any army (although, with just 4 per box, it feels somewhat... weak). You're way better picking up a full standard box - the options are far more interesting, entertaining, and flexible, and it's (somewhat) better value for money.

I'll post up some WIP pictures as soon as I find a camera...

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