Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kobolds in OSRIC: A PC Race

So, I'd like OSRIC to be one of my choices for the Kobold Ascension Campaign, but that requires a Kobold Player Race. I know there was a fully OSRIC-compatible version published in Dragon (the article "Hey, Wanna Be a Kobold?", issue 141), but I kinda wanted a few different things from it.


Generally considered a pest, Kobolds can be found in most environments in Delraith, normally in service to powerful Dragons and occasionally in service to others with large amounts of power. Kobolds reach maturity after only 5 years, and most die at about 20. In optimal conditions, some may live to 50 - but, in the harsh realities of the burrow, a member of such advanced age would be next to worthless. Due to being the "pests" of many lands, few die of naural causes. 

Due to their speedy maturity, and their natural connection to dragons, Kobolds find it very easy to learn magic - in just a few short years, they can accomplish what it might take other races decades to even figure out. Known as they are for their craftsmanship, Kobold specialise in one thing - traps, to make their warrens a little bit safer from intruders (like Gnomes, or Dwarves looking for new places to mine).

Summary of Kobold Racial Traits
-1 Strength, +1 Intelligence - cunning little buggers though they are, they suffer from being a lot smaller than most, and as such a touch weaker.

Kobolds can Find Traps as a Thief of two levels less than their Character level (so, a third-level Kobold may Find Traps as a first-level Thief).

Languages: Low Draconic (aka Kobold), Draconic, Common, Gnomish, Dwarven, Orcish. A kobold may learn a maximum of two extra languages, regardless of Intelligence.

Multi-class Restrictions: The most restrictive weapons and armour requirements apply to Kobold characters.

Permitted Class Options: Assassin, Cleric, Fighter, Illusionist, Magic-User, Thief, Fighter/Thief, Illusionist/Thief, Fighter/Magic-User

Light Sensitivity: Kobolds are a mostly subterranean race, and suffer a -1 penalty when fighting in direct sunlight (or the effects of a daylight spell).
Infravision: 60ft

Movement Rate: 90ft

Starting Age:
Cleric: 10+1d8
Fighter: 5+1d8
Magic-User: 7+1d8
Thief: 5+1d4

Racial Limitations:
Minimum/Maximum ability scores (after adjustment for race); if the ability scores rolled do not fall within these limits, then the race of Kobold is not a valid choice for the character:
• Strength 3/17
• Dexterity 6/18

• Constitution 3/18
• Intelligence 8/19

• Wisdom 3/17
• Charisma 3/18

Level Limitations:
• Assassin 15

• Cleric 5
• Druid N/A
• Fighter 5 (Str 17), 4 (Str 16 and below)
• Illusionist 9 (One of Dex or Int 18+ and the other 17+), 8 (Dex and Int 17), 7 (Dex or Int under 17)

• Magic User 10 (Int 18+), 9 (Int 17), 8 (Int 16 and below)
• Paladin N/A
• Ranger N/A
• Thief Unlimited


  1. I like Kobolds. Remind me to dig out my old Tucker's kobolds article for you.

  2. Man, Tucker's Kobolds are an inspiration for my life, nevermind my GMing style. They're also one of the ideas I had in mind when I thought of the Ascension campaign - hoq else would Kobolds be able to punch so far above their weight?

    And as resident OSRIC guy, how balanced does it look?