Monday, 25 July 2011

More NPCs - Cragge, Overzealous Guard Captain

In most cities, there is some form of law enforcement. And in all but the strictest of cities, there are those who would use the power inherent in their position for their own ends.

You could say that Cragge is like that. You could also say that he's one of the most focused and dangerous members of the force to have on your case, and will stop at nothing to find his prey once he sets his sights on them.

Cragge was born in Raam, on the world of Athas - a City-State, ruled over by a powerful (yet incompetant) Sorcerer-Queen, Abalach-Re. Cragge worked his way up the ranks of her Templars, to finally become near enough her right-hand man. At least, he was the only one stupid enough to take the post - while other Socerer-Kings' subjects live in constant fear of their rulers, Raam's citizens are practically in open revolt. They fight with the Templars on the streets, they lynch them when they go out alone... it's got to the stage where the Templars only go out heavily armed, in groups of five or more, with a cadre of mercenaries nearby (mostly Half-Giants and Muls, similarly armed to the teeth), and constantly masked or disguised - after all, should a member of the public see their face, they could be dragged from their homes in the middle of the night and left to hang as the sun rose, an example to those who would put down the working man.

Cragge wears no mask. He is guaranteed that his reputation should suffice as a warning to those who would cross him. This might mark him as one of the last faithful souls in Raam, but no - he is just as sick of Ablach-Re as the rest of the population. However, he swore a sacred vow to uphold the law in Raam, and he's not going to let poor managment get in his way.

At nearly 7 feet tall, he's imposing enough for a human, but his lean frame belies great strength - he could probably fistfight a Half-Giant and still come out on top. Combine this with no small Divine power, invested by his Sorcerer-Queen, near-full command of the Templars of Raam, and a sharp, brutal mind, and you have yourself a man you do not want to cross.

Cragge started as a suggestion for an important NPC from a thief-type character in a Dark Sun game I ran a while back, and I filled in the details from there.

While he is most at home in Dark Sun games, he makes a useful template for other NPCs to harrass and foil any law-breaking PCs - he's a physical threat, wielding the power of the divine, with a lot of political clout and enough brains to really screw up any plans. Lawful Evil gods of any stripe make for a good sponsor, and maybe some of the Lawful Neutral ones as well.

Biggest Templar in Raam 6
Sharp as an Obsidian Blade 4
Well-Practised Hunter of Lawbreakers 4

This stat-line makes him pretty powerful, but he should really be a background character to start - a presence heard about, and seen through his Templars, not physically confronted barring an ambush, or some other way of levelling the playing field. He allows GMs to bring down the wrath of a Sorcerer-King, without making them so powerless as to be defeated by the players (yet).

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