So, I like hopping back and forth between projects, so here's the ones I'm working on right now:

Rogue Trader One-on-One
Well, one-on-one with a few people occasionally dipping in and out. The Adventures of Lord-Captain Black are being serialised on this very blog as we speak - ears to the ground and all that...

Planescape: Ongoing
As my favourite setting, I'll be posting up new Planescape locations, characters, resources and plots as I go. Most of the stuff I do will be for Risus, but I plan on making any particularly popular content in as many different systems as I can. One of the joys of Risus is that, being mainly descriptive, it's easy to convert into any given system, with a little thought.

Papermunda: Work in Progress
Well, I'm dirt poor. I eat lumps of coal and wear rags (if I'm lucky), so the idea of buying miniatures to play Necromunda doesn't appeal to me. So I'm working on my own paper miniatures for the game, hopefully a bit modular, and hopefully for a variety of gangs. Currently on-hold till I can get access to a scanner and some decent hardware.

Most of the basic poses and weapon designs are done, I just have to get them polished and coloured...

Kobold Ascension Fight/Delraith Campaign Setting: Ongoing
My little homebrew setting.

The campaign might turn into something of an adventure path, or maybe just a collection of resources for running your own! First playtests (using Savage Worlds) should be going on soon.

UPDATE: Savage Worlds never took off with the group. Gonna stick with Risus for the first game, coming soon!

Old-School Dungeons
A few quick and dirty dungeons, made using Dyson Logos' maps and Risus Monkey's Dungeon Geomorphs, as well as some maps of my own design. Current plan is to provide stats for OSRIC, M20, and maybe Risus for each of them (and conversion details where needed).
Rogue Trader to Unknown Armies: Non-Starter
A whole lot harder than I though... give me time.

Well, I finally cracked and picked up some 40k Orks to paint and model... WIP pics will be up at some point.

Actual Published Writing: Ongoing
Well, it's something I've always wanted to try and break into, and I'm trying to get going as we speak...

Roll Your Bones
Adapting Greg Stolze's short fiction piece "Roll Your Bones" to the small screen. Currently at the scripting stage, hoping to try a Kickstarter for cash, and, of course, a whole load of begging.